M Antonich/R Huber 2 largemouth weight - 5.18 $275
H Bertsch / J Haugen 1 largemouth weight - 3.88 $125 big fish $250
D Bertsch / C Kaiser 1 largemouth weight - 3.60 $100
S Upton / R Timblin 1 largmouth weight - 3.31
A Murren / M Cunningham 1 largmouh weight - 2.61
B Turpin / G Litteral zero
E Proulx / J Blankenship zero
T Snyder / J Kimberling zero
J Palmer / B Johnson zero
D Dethloff / S Kuespert zero
T McCalmant / D Robertson zero
M Cunningham / A Turpin zero
J Pimental / M Peterson zero
K Debaene / J Wheeler zero
L Fugate / K Fugate zero
JJ Schillinger / T Schillinger zero
J Ragan / L Robinson zero
B Yelland / P Murrion zero
E Peterson / Lorren zero

IBFN December Newsletter

Rose Lake March 27 changed to Hayden Lake - Results
Matt Antonich & Richard Huber were the only ones with two fish, but were not alone on this very tough fishing day as we all know how cold it was. Water temps were ranging between 36 to 41.
The day started off with a snowstorm, wind, and a chilly 36 degrees which blew over in the later part of the morning, but just returned to let us know that we do live in Idaho. It was an amazing turnout, and the Ice breaker should be just as much fun!

Make sure you dont miss the "Ice Breaker" April 2, 2011 on Lake Coeur d'Alene. 7am at Harrison!

"BIG FISH" Winner
3.88 lbs

D. Bertsch/ C. Kaiser


A. Murren / M. Cunningham